What is Grout Bully?

What Is Grout Bully?

My wife and I had been looking for just the right house for eleven months. We had been saving for it for five years and we weren’t going to settle. We wanted to find something older and trendy, but not a fixer upper. I’m okay with a hammer and a screw driver, but beyond that I need to hire someone if there is work to be done. Honestly, I don’t have time to do it anyway. So looking at an older house meant we needed something where someone else had taken care of the modernization, or they had to be selling it cheap enough that we could consider doing the “fixer-upper” thing. I really didn’t want to do that. My wife didn’t mind so much, but really I wanted it all done. No big deal, right? Something from the 20s to the 50s with updated energy windows, new appliances, paint, and utilities all within our range. Perfect!

Well it wasn’t quite as easy as we first imagined it to be, but finally we found a place that was just about right. I say “just about” because there were a few small problems. The kitchen and the bathrooms were absolutely disgusting. They had been mostly updated. New counters and fixtures, but the floors and the walls in the bathroom were disgusting. Having someone come in and tear down all of the tile and start again seemed like an extremely messy project. Furthermore, I really liked the tile that was up there. At least I think I did. So we made an offer on the house, got it, and began the project of trying to clean the bathrooms before calling in the demolition crew.

So three weeks later everything we owned had been dragged into the house and set up. We had tried every manner of grout cleaner and bleach on the tile and still we found ourselves staring at it and considering making the call to the handyman. The problem it turns out was even worse than we had expected. This awesome old house we had purchased had plaster walls. Apparently, you can’t just tear into those like you can more updated walls.

That night we were watching television and saw an advertisement for Grout Bully. After everything else I have to say that I was skeptical at best about this stuff. It was pretty inexpensive, though, so I decided we would order some and give it a shot.

I can’t believe we didn’t find Grout Bully sooner. Our nasty grout on the floors in the bathroom and the kitchen look amazing. Our walls in the bathrooms could be freshly put up. It is amazing how much just having white grout adds to make a room feel fresh and clean. It is brighter in every room, and I am no longer regretting the decision to buy this house. As a matter of fact, it has moved up from “just about” perfect to perfect. Best of all, I spent only a few dollars and a little time instead of weeks of mess and construction. Grout Bully is amazing.

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