Grout Bully

Grout Bully Grout Bully is a top of the line, state of the art system for updating the way tile looks. While some tile cleaners only treat the top layer of the grout, leaving mold a chance to work its way back to the surface, Grout Bully does so much more. Cleaning only the surface, or worse, repainting as some grout pens do only treats the look of the grout. They don’t treat the actual problem. That problem is mold that has worked deep down inside the porous surface of the grout. This means that you will soon be treating that same stain, which was only marginally whitened to begin with, again in a month. These surface treatments leave mold growing in the shower and on your floors. In bathrooms especially, you may notice a smell even when things look clean. That is why you should use Grout Bully.

How Does Grout Bully Work?
GroutBully works in two ways, providing the best of cover up protection, but getting down to the deeper problem of mold that has worked its way into the super porous surface of your grout. Small particles in Grout Bully can penetrate the pores of your grout. They work their way through the whole of the grout and kill mold where it is hiding. This helps to prevent the mold from coming back later as well as getting rid of those stubborn stains that regular surface cleaners simply can’t reach. Second, Grout Bully helps to seal porous grout against future intrusions that would work their way into the grout and find the moist conditions that are so friendly to mold. Kill the mold, and prevent it from happening again, that is the way Grout Bully helps to ensure that your grout is looking and smelling fresh. Additionally, Grout Bully has an industrial dye that will refresh the look of your now sealed and cleaned grout surfaces. This dye gives your grout that sparkling finish that brightens up the room. Grout Bully is available in white, black, gray, tan, and terracotta colors. Find the color that is most suited to your bathroom, and you could be on to a new look that is fresh and clean.

How do I Use Grout Bully?
Grout Bully is simple to use and you can complete an entire area of tile in just moments. To apply use the specialized, one size fits all applicator. Grout Bully has thought of everything with this applicator. It should fit the smallest to the widest lines of grout. Simply press down on the applicator and squeeze the bottle lightly to apply. After a few minutes, when the Gruot Bully has had time to dry, simply use the patented Bully Eraser to remove any excess product from the tile. Grout Buly is done and you are on your way to a new a gorgeous tile surface.

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