Does Grout Bully Really Work?

Does Grout Bully Really Work? Our bathroom was a disaster. We had the old type of shower with tile walls and a tub. I had been working on it for months. I had torn out the old nasty glass doors and my wife had decided we would go with a curtain. She said it would be better because we could pull it down and wash it, or just replace it for cheap if it got too bad. Taking the doors down wasn’t awful, but once I had them down and this disgusting corner of our bathroom was properly lit, we became a little concerned at the state of our shower.

Step one: we went at the whole shower with a bucket of bleach and various and as sundry brushes and sponges. The tile was starting to look better, but the grout was just disgusting. The stains that remained were diminished, but it still looked dull, and though most of the bathroom smelled strongly of bleach, the shower still had that musky mold smell. It wasn’t good.

Step two: I called one of those bathroom remodel places to come a do an estimate on refinishing the shower. They were going to drop in some sort of fiberglass shell that was pretty and white and would install quickly. My wife was excited about this while the salesman was still at our house. When he left, we went back into our bathroom to begin imagining the new product. It was going to be quite a bit more then we wanted to spend, but at least it would look clean again. As I stared at that grout wishing it from existence, I started to consider something. It was still going to exist. Really, what this place was going to do was come in and put a nice pretty shell over our already rotting bathtub. Suddenly, this didn’t seem like a good idea. If the smell bothers me now, what is going to happen a few years from now? We weren’t getting rid of our problem; we were just covering it up. …and man it was going to be expensive to cover that up.

It was the next day when my wife and I were out looking for shower curtains that we stumbled across a display for Grout Bully. We had run so many science experiments on the wall in our shower that I really didn’t consider that it would work. It was inexpensive, though, so we decided we would give it a shot. We picked out a shower curtain and finished. At home, we applied the Grout Bully and then wiped the tile clean with the sponge that was included. The shower looked amazing, but even at that I was skeptical of if it would stay that way.

Six months later, I am proud to say that Grout Bully is still doing the trick. I have been proven wrong, and I am so glad. I can’t believe I almost spent thousands of dollars on a bathtub remodel when just a few dollars made our tub look this good.

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