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Who Needs Grout Bully?

Sometimes there are problems in a bathroom and you just can’t seem to get your mind around a solution. It isn’t exactly that there is anything wrong with the bathroom. The bathroom is clean, things are neat, it doesn’t stink, but there is just something about it that seems old and dirty. If you really took a second to look at the problem areas you would most likely notice that your grout has gotten a little dingy and worn looking. Sure, the bad spots are just down in the corners. It’s not the whole floor, or the whole bath tub that has set it off. It’s just the low corners that no one really sees anyway. There is a spot behind the toilet on the floor. There is a spot in the corner of the shower where you keep the shampoo. The bottle hides that one. If you really look around the bathroom, there are probably four or five spots that you have strategically placed decorator baskets, candles, or shampoo bottles in front of in order to obscure them. You aren’t after all a dirty person. You are on top of this bathroom. …but what do you do about these couple spots?

You’ve tried cleaning them. You’ve used bleach and a tooth brush, and it takes the stain out for a little while doesn’t it? But a couple weeks to a month later the stain is back and it took more than a little time to get rid of it.

You could try a paint pen on the stain. That would cover it up, but it wouldn’t match the rest of the bathroom. You could paint the whole bathroom, I guess, but that seems like a lot of work. It also feels like you are just covering up the problem doesn’t it? I always worry about problems getting bigger when I just cover them up.

What you need to try is Grout Bully. Grout Bully is an easy to apply cleaner and sealer for grout. You use the simple applicator bottle to wipe Grout Bully on, and then use the included Bully Sponge to wipe it off. Grout Bully will penetrate the porous grout and beat mold at its core. The Grout Bully formula will seal the grout so that future mold doesn’t stand a chance. Finally, the dye in the Grout Bully product will brighten up, or even change the color of your current grout to something that is new, fresh, and matches just the way you like it.