Product Review Of My Patriot Supply’s 100 Hour Candle

Emergency preparedness is an idea that is filtering more and more into mainstream society. People are starting to realize how important it is to have the ability to be self sustaining. Because of this, we reach back into history to the colonial era, and learn from Patriots who were able to live in the wilderness and rely on their own tools, food sources, and medical wherewithal to survive. This review will touch on one of the many intriguing items in the Colonial Concepts line from My Patriot Supply: The 100 Hour Candle.

MPS is a well respected brand of emergency preparedness goods. They specialize in helping people become self reliant, and as the name suggests, this often is inspired by a Patriot-like attitude towards tools, foods, and survival methods. This means that rather than high tech devices, you are more likely to see items that are tried and true and have been used for centuries. Instead of an LED flashlight, for example, we find a 100 hour candle. What is the strategy behind this attitude? The passionate founders of MPS wanted to create items that could be used to help people create self reliance, and those are likely to be simple and to the point. Technologically complex tools and devices to not fit the mold, as they may break and be complicated or impossible to repair.

The 100 hour candle seems old fashioned at first glance. However, it costs less than $8 dollars, and gives off a bright light for 100 hours. This is a cost effective method of lighting up a sheltered area in an emergency situation. It does not put out any particular smell (though they also offer an 18 hour citronella candle, which would be more likely to keep mosquitoes away), or any smoke. This would be good if you were in an indoor area where you wanted to burn the area without any noticeable affects on your surroundings.

The lightweight candle comes in the form of a durable plastic container filled with fuel and capped when not in use. The wick is designed to be adjustable when the candle is in use, so you could either have a very strong and bright light, or use the candle on a dimmed setting. The fuel that this candle uses is paraffin and other liquids which have been blended in a special way so that the liquid mix does not break down over time. This is ideal because often emergency preparedness kits are left for years before they become necessary.

This candle would be good for someone who is gathering supplies for a simple and effective kit that they can take with them in the case of a disaster. This mobility friendly kit could be stored in a vehicle or at a house, so that when disaster strikes it is readily accessible. The candle would also be useful in wilderness scenarios such as camping. In addition, several candles could be kept around the house just for those specific cases when the electricity goes out. The candle design is excellent for indoor use due to the odorless and smokeless qualities of the design.

This candle would not be right for someone who wants to keep bugs away as well as get light. Those people who need a candle specifically for camping trips in mosquito prone areas should look instead at citronella products.

Emergency preparedness can be cost effective when done properly. This candle is a worthy addition to a well planned out emergency kit. Since it offers 100 hours of light, and can be stored for years, it is the perfect addition to your kit for a reliable source of lighting.

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