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Save Time and Effort Through the Use of Grout Bully

Using traditional methods, grout cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult task. For those who do not have a lot of time to commit to cleaning the grout between tiles, a product like Grout Bully is an incredibly convenient solution. Using this product has allowed busy and detail-oriented professionals like Jody Rookstool to use their time more efficiently by reducing the time and effort necessary to achieve exceptional results. In providing a consumer review for Grout Bully, Rookstool made particular note of how frustrating a task grout cleaning is for someone who pays such close attention to the little things, referencing one of the many traits that contributed to his widespread success as an entrepreneur.

With Grout Bully, the task of grout cleaning is simplified in a number of ways. As a cleaner, the product is able to penetrate the porous surface of grout to kill mold, mildew and bacteria so that it does not simply grow back over time. As a sealant, Grout Bully brings old tile back to life by making it appear as it did the day it was installed. With a wide range of color options, this product can be used for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The product has a reputation for its quick and easy application, its durability and its long-lasting effectiveness. Given this reputation, it should come as no surprise that Mr. Rookstool quickly identified it as a product worth using and one that certainly is capable of saving valuable time and effort.

What Results Can I Expect From Grout Bully?

If you’ve ever spent the day scrubbing the bathroom only to walk away unimpressed with your efforts there may be something you are missing. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how clean things are and it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why. If there is grout of any kind in your bathroom or kitchen, that may be the problem. Grout Bully is a product that can help you get the results you desire.

You can spend hours working a tiny spot on that grout with bleach and a toothbrush and you might get the visual results you are looking for, but how long will they last? Grout problem are tough because grout itself is so porous. The bacteria that produce that ugly stain and smell can be cleaned from the surface with bleach and a lot of elbow grease, but it will soon make its way back. Grout Bully is more than a surface cleaner and more than a cover up. Grout Bully works fast. It penetrates your grout to kill the bacteria where it grows, and seals your grout so that future bacteria can’t find the foot hold to hang around.

Not only is Grout Bully long lasting, it is simple to apply. In a fraction of the time you could spend scrubbing one tiny space, you can completely treat your bathroom or kitchen. Grout Bully works on all types of grout whether it is on walls, floors, tubs, or counters.

If you’ve been considering a remodel of a tile room, Grout Bully may be an inexpensive solution. It is natural for tile to get dingy over time and styles quickly become outdated. Why not correct both problems with one quick application.

Grout Bully comes in five refreshing colors that can add to, or downplay the presence of your tile with a few simple strokes. Looking to brighten a room, Grout Bully in white can add that pop. If you have a neutral colored bathroom, Grout Bully in tan or terracotta can provide that clean more subtle look. If you’re feeling artistic, try Grout Bully in black or gray for that modern touch that others will envy, but just can’t put a finger on why.

With Grout Bully, satisfaction is guaranteed. That bathroom or kitchen can be cleaned or renewed in minutes and will last for years to come.

Who Needs Grout Bully?

Sometimes there are problems in a bathroom and you just can’t seem to get your mind around a solution. It isn’t exactly that there is anything wrong with the bathroom. The bathroom is clean, things are neat, it doesn’t stink, but there is just something about it that seems old and dirty. If you really took a second to look at the problem areas you would most likely notice that your grout has gotten a little dingy and worn looking. Sure, the bad spots are just down in the corners. It’s not the whole floor, or the whole bath tub that has set it off. It’s just the low corners that no one really sees anyway. There is a spot behind the toilet on the floor. There is a spot in the corner of the shower where you keep the shampoo. The bottle hides that one. If you really look around the bathroom, there are probably four or five spots that you have strategically placed decorator baskets, candles, or shampoo bottles in front of in order to obscure them. You aren’t after all a dirty person. You are on top of this bathroom. …but what do you do about these couple spots?

You’ve tried cleaning them. You’ve used bleach and a tooth brush, and it takes the stain out for a little while doesn’t it? But a couple weeks to a month later the stain is back and it took more than a little time to get rid of it.

You could try a paint pen on the stain. That would cover it up, but it wouldn’t match the rest of the bathroom. You could paint the whole bathroom, I guess, but that seems like a lot of work. It also feels like you are just covering up the problem doesn’t it? I always worry about problems getting bigger when I just cover them up.

What you need to try is Grout Bully. Grout Bully is an easy to apply cleaner and sealer for grout. You use the simple applicator bottle to wipe Grout Bully on, and then use the included Bully Sponge to wipe it off. Grout Bully will penetrate the porous grout and beat mold at its core. The Grout Bully formula will seal the grout so that future mold doesn’t stand a chance. Finally, the dye in the Grout Bully product will brighten up, or even change the color of your current grout to something that is new, fresh, and matches just the way you like it.

Grout Bully

Grout Bully Grout Bully is a top of the line, state of the art system for updating the way tile looks. While some tile cleaners only treat the top layer of the grout, leaving mold a chance to work its way back to the surface, Grout Bully does so much more. Cleaning only the surface, or worse, repainting as some grout pens do only treats the look of the grout. They don’t treat the actual problem. That problem is mold that has worked deep down inside the porous surface of the grout. This means that you will soon be treating that same stain, which was only marginally whitened to begin with, again in a month. These surface treatments leave mold growing in the shower and on your floors. In bathrooms especially, you may notice a smell even when things look clean. That is why you should use Grout Bully.

How Does Grout Bully Work?
GroutBully works in two ways, providing the best of cover up protection, but getting down to the deeper problem of mold that has worked its way into the super porous surface of your grout. Small particles in Grout Bully can penetrate the pores of your grout. They work their way through the whole of the grout and kill mold where it is hiding. This helps to prevent the mold from coming back later as well as getting rid of those stubborn stains that regular surface cleaners simply can’t reach. Second, Grout Bully helps to seal porous grout against future intrusions that would work their way into the grout and find the moist conditions that are so friendly to mold. Kill the mold, and prevent it from happening again, that is the way Grout Bully helps to ensure that your grout is looking and smelling fresh. Additionally, Grout Bully has an industrial dye that will refresh the look of your now sealed and cleaned grout surfaces. This dye gives your grout that sparkling finish that brightens up the room. Grout Bully is available in white, black, gray, tan, and terracotta colors. Find the color that is most suited to your bathroom, and you could be on to a new look that is fresh and clean.

How do I Use Grout Bully?
Grout Bully is simple to use and you can complete an entire area of tile in just moments. To apply use the specialized, one size fits all applicator. Grout Bully has thought of everything with this applicator. It should fit the smallest to the widest lines of grout. Simply press down on the applicator and squeeze the bottle lightly to apply. After a few minutes, when the Gruot Bully has had time to dry, simply use the patented Bully Eraser to remove any excess product from the tile. Grout Buly is done and you are on your way to a new a gorgeous tile surface.

Does Grout Bully Really Work?

Does Grout Bully Really Work? Our bathroom was a disaster. We had the old type of shower with tile walls and a tub. I had been working on it for months. I had torn out the old nasty glass doors and my wife had decided we would go with a curtain. She said it would be better because we could pull it down and wash it, or just replace it for cheap if it got too bad. Taking the doors down wasn’t awful, but once I had them down and this disgusting corner of our bathroom was properly lit, we became a little concerned at the state of our shower.

Step one: we went at the whole shower with a bucket of bleach and various and as sundry brushes and sponges. The tile was starting to look better, but the grout was just disgusting. The stains that remained were diminished, but it still looked dull, and though most of the bathroom smelled strongly of bleach, the shower still had that musky mold smell. It wasn’t good.

Step two: I called one of those bathroom remodel places to come a do an estimate on refinishing the shower. They were going to drop in some sort of fiberglass shell that was pretty and white and would install quickly. My wife was excited about this while the salesman was still at our house. When he left, we went back into our bathroom to begin imagining the new product. It was going to be quite a bit more then we wanted to spend, but at least it would look clean again. As I stared at that grout wishing it from existence, I started to consider something. It was still going to exist. Really, what this place was going to do was come in and put a nice pretty shell over our already rotting bathtub. Suddenly, this didn’t seem like a good idea. If the smell bothers me now, what is going to happen a few years from now? We weren’t getting rid of our problem; we were just covering it up. …and man it was going to be expensive to cover that up.

It was the next day when my wife and I were out looking for shower curtains that we stumbled across a display for Grout Bully. We had run so many science experiments on the wall in our shower that I really didn’t consider that it would work. It was inexpensive, though, so we decided we would give it a shot. We picked out a shower curtain and finished. At home, we applied the Grout Bully and then wiped the tile clean with the sponge that was included. The shower looked amazing, but even at that I was skeptical of if it would stay that way.

Six months later, I am proud to say that Grout Bully is still doing the trick. I have been proven wrong, and I am so glad. I can’t believe I almost spent thousands of dollars on a bathtub remodel when just a few dollars made our tub look this good.