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What Results Can I Expect From Grout Bully?

If you’ve ever spent the day scrubbing the bathroom only to walk away unimpressed with your efforts there may be something you are missing. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how clean things are and it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why. If there is grout of any kind in your bathroom or kitchen, that may be the problem. Grout Bully is a product that can help you get the results you desire.

You can spend hours working a tiny spot on that grout with bleach and a toothbrush and you might get the visual results you are looking for, but how long will they last? Grout problem are tough because grout itself is so porous. The bacteria that produce that ugly stain and smell can be cleaned from the surface with bleach and a lot of elbow grease, but it will soon make its way back. Grout Bully is more than a surface cleaner and more than a cover up. Grout Bully works fast. It penetrates your grout to kill the bacteria where it grows, and seals your grout so that future bacteria can’t find the foot hold to hang around.

Not only is Grout Bully long lasting, it is simple to apply. In a fraction of the time you could spend scrubbing one tiny space, you can completely treat your bathroom or kitchen. Grout Bully works on all types of grout whether it is on walls, floors, tubs, or counters.

If you’ve been considering a remodel of a tile room, Grout Bully may be an inexpensive solution. It is natural for tile to get dingy over time and styles quickly become outdated. Why not correct both problems with one quick application.

Grout Bully comes in five refreshing colors that can add to, or downplay the presence of your tile with a few simple strokes. Looking to brighten a room, Grout Bully in white can add that pop. If you have a neutral colored bathroom, Grout Bully in tan or terracotta can provide that clean more subtle look. If you’re feeling artistic, try Grout Bully in black or gray for that modern touch that others will envy, but just can’t put a finger on why.

With Grout Bully, satisfaction is guaranteed. That bathroom or kitchen can be cleaned or renewed in minutes and will last for years to come.